Academic-Pedagogic Advisory

The Academic-Pedagogic Advisory is an institution that promotes guidelines for improving the teaching and learning process quality, as well as advises the board and the courses in the teaching and regulation matters.

The Pedagogic Advisory is constituted by pedagogues experts in different educational areas, has as main objective to support and advise pedagogically to the professors, students and coordination segments in the teaching-learning process, ensuring the teaching quality of the Feluma Faculty in accordance with the legal prerogatives that regulate the superior education and with the institutional rules and values.

In addition, actions such as the Professor Training Program development, Support to the Own Evaluation Commission (CPA), Following the Process of Higher Education Regulation and Supervision, support in the Pedagogic Projects revision of the graduation courses, Psychopedagogical Assistance, Obligatory and Non-Obligatory Internships Management, Actions related to ENADE and Full Accessibility Policy Implantation Management are responsibility of this institution.

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