The Maintainer

The Fundação Educacional Lucas Machado (FELUMA) is a philanthropic Institution founded in the 70´s, legal person of private law, with no lucrative ends, recognized as of public utility by the Federal Decree n° 62.396 from March 13th, 1968, having as general purpose the development and the maintenance of educational, health, social assistance activities and research in the exact, humans and biological science field, for better contribute in attending the community social problems, educational and technological and scientific improvement (art. 4° of the Statute).


To fulfill its objectives, it keeps the following Institutes:

  • Medical Sciences Faculty of Minas Gerais (FCM-MG);
  • University Hospital Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais (HUCM-MG);
  • AGOS Institute;
  • Eyes Institute Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais (IOCM-MG);
  • Feluma Faculty – Health, Technology and Science;
  • Ambulatory Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais (ACM-MG);
  • Post-Graduation Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais (PGCM-MG);
  • Robotic Surgery Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais (CRCM-MG).


The FELUMA is the maintainer of the mentioned Institutes face to the academic community, the public authorities and the public in general and is nowadays in process for expanding its activities.

The FELUMA Corporate Center, which brings together all the administrative management, is installed in the building of the Faculty Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais (FCM-MG), in the central area of Belo Horizonte, important integration factor among the various institutional divisions.

The FELUMA acts as Faculty´s partner, administratively, assuring a reproduction of its targets with parsimony and optimization of the maintained potentials. In the terms of the General Regiment, the president of the Fundação Educacional Lucas Machado has as fundamental function ensure the achievement of the Faculty´s objectives, as Institution of Higher Education, assuring that its activities are harmonizing with the institutional identity and mission.

In line with the FELUMA statute, according to which, is competence of the Fundação president, among others, to strive for the Faculty improvement, ensuring its financial viability and for the fulfillment of its academic excellence; to care for the harmony of the fellowship of all members of the academic community; to be an evidence, in the relationship between the maintainer and the maintained, a conjunction of efforts fundamentally centered in the educational objectives in reason of which the Faculty was conceived and created by the eminent founding professors in the 50´s.

Thus, considered on institutional perspective, the Faculty ends are assumed in an integral way by the Fundação, ensuring an organizational unit and a harmonious bonding since the formative objectives are assumed by the maintainer as premises to be treated in terms of offering administrative conditions. Only because of this relationship it became comprehensive the Fundação commitment in assuming a public university hospital, formatively subordinating it to the Faculty, as well as creating an post-graduation institute, anticipating a project for creating a formative program of excellence in the health area, nevertheless, as a faculty and in the terms of the Law of Guidelines and Bases of the National Education (LDBN), it must assume the task of a quality education. The Foundation anticipates and designs a faculty with education, research and extension in the same level of the best institutions of the country.


Board of Directors

(Term of office: April 30th , 2018 to April 30th, 2022)

Dr. Wagner Eduardo Ferreira

Dr. José Maria Borges

Prof. Débora Goulart de Carvalho
Secretary of Administration and Finance



Flávio de Almeida Amaral
General Superintendent

Túlio Pedrosa Gomes
Superintendent of Planning and Management



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