In order to train professionals with differentiated skills, the Feluma Faculty is organizing a differentiated pedagogic project, which is focused on the trans-disciplinarity criteria, with institutional content and programs that should be understood in an effective way, through actions that allow professors and students a constant, cooperative and participative interchange, inside and outside its units, focusing the theoretical contextualization with the practical experience.

All this, so that the future students and society expectations are attended and the academic experience establishes, effectively, a paradigm transformation in the knowledge construction process.

The range of graduations, combined with the tradition, experience, professionalism and quality of the services offered by the FELUMA System, certainly, will perpetuate the Feluma Faculty image as a citizen trainer in the different knowledge area, committed to the ethical and moral fundaments, able to assume progressive responsibilities, capable to interfere in the social transformations and engaged in the economic, political, environmental and social context of the country.


The Feluma Faculty offers:

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