Feluma Faculty – Health, Technology and Science ombudsman is a communication body with the community that aims the improvement of its administrative model and of its institutional actions.

It was created to be a communication channel among the academics, professors, collaborators and the community in general.

It is about an opened space that centralizes the criticism, suggestions and compliments sent by the internal and/or external community, and send them to the responsible sectors.



To receive the demands presented by the community, by personal contact, letter, telephone or e-mail, and send them to the responsible sectors, answering to the citizen within a previously established deadline.



  • To receive and forward, if properly presented, the complaints, denunciations, criticisms, suggestions or compliments that were received from the community.
  • To follow the measures taken by the competent sectors, keeping the interested informed about the procedure.
  • To ask to the competent bodies the necessary diligences, aiming to clarify the question.
  • To attend the protester with courtesy and respect, without discrimination or pre-judgement.
  • To act with integrity, transparency, impartiality and justice.
  • To uphold the principles of legality, impersonality, morality, publicity and efficiency.
  • Safeguarding the information confidentiality.

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