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Faculdade Feluma

Study at an institution that was already born with 50 years of history

The courses selection happened in a strategic manner and the objective is to foment the education, health, technology and science.

The policy for the post-graduation courses of the Feluma Faculty meets the requirements of marketing, scientific research and teacher training, acting as the integrator principle of the various educational levels.

The admission in the Graduation courses will happen through selective process or use of studies, in the terms of the incident legislation and according to the general guidelines.

Faculdade Feluma – Health, Technology and Science

The Fundação Educacional Lucas Machado – FELUMA is reference in the teaching, research and social assistance areas, through the educational practices applied to the health. It has excellence in the operation area for more than 66 years, with more than 6 thousands graduation and post-graduation students, on demand courses expertise in various states of Brazil and more than 10 years with EAD innovative courses.

Continuing the process of institutional development and looking for the establishment of its educational and care activities, the Fundação Educacional Lucas Machado – FELUMA has proposed itself to develop a new campus of health, technology and science, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte: the Feluma Faculty. The Feluma Faculty intends to develop a pedagogic project that allows its students a theoretical and practical learning, as well as understanding the context of the nuances needed to the professional and personal success.

The Feluma Faculty has been implemented from a number of studies that the institution is proceeding, in order to raise the social demands and the marketing needs. Therefore, the FACULDADE FELUMA campus will count with a variety of courses, in the health, technology and science areas.

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